Friday, June 18, 2010


We have our first tasty watermelon of the year. I've been too chicken to buy one since last year I was cursed with a puny watermelon jinx and I didn't get one all year. And I live in Texas. I got about 5 crappy watermelons before I gave up. But this year, on my first melon, bam!...I got a good one.

So on to the perks of the watermelon. Besides being completely tasty (if you can pick a decent one!) and super refreshing on a hot day, they have more health benefits than you probably know. They are super rich in lycopene, more so than tomatoes even, and that's their big claim to fame. Vitamin C, A, B6 are also in there. Tons of antioxidants. And you thought they were just yummy. So hurry out and get one. If you need help picking a watermelon out here are some tips.

And I bet you'd like some recipes too. Well, bad luck if you were planning on doing something special. They're made out of 90% water, so there's actually not alot to do with melons in the kitchen. You got lemonades, salsas, and margaritas, but other than that it's best left simple I guess. Simple is good too.

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