Friday, June 4, 2010

Recipe Review: Crazy Good Fruit Salad.

First of all let's acknowledge that food photography has become an issue when you start looking for coordinating fabric to place said food on. My kids are starting to think it's normal for me to photograph their every meal. And now for the subject at hand...

If you've ever looked at the 'ingredient of the day' you might notice that I'll usually add some recipes at the bottom using those ingredients. Well, last week on the mango post I added a recipe that sounded tasty, the Mango Blackberry Salad with Honey Lemon Drizzle. And it sounded so good, and fairly easy, so I tried it. Mangoes and blackberries are cheap here right now, so what the heck. But man, oh man...this salad is so crazy good. It's nice and sweet without adding much honey at all. The lemon juice keeps the bananas from browning (for several days even). It makes a nice big batch. This is great for several reasons. Ready?
1. Super yum.
2. It's make-ahead. Who doesn't love that.
3. It's entirely guilt free. You even get bonus points for eating this. I eat it with a little nonfat greek yogurt on the side for breakfast. That is really saying something because I hate eating healthy. If it even acts like it tastes healthy, I'm out. There is zero sacrifice here.
4. This is even company worthy.
5. The kids like it. Sort of. They like the mangoes. Give them blackberries or bananas by themselves and they usually eat those too, but not when put next to honey drizzled mangoes.
In conclusion, this recipe rocks. Try it.

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