Saturday, May 15, 2010

confessions and cast of kidlets

i'll have to start by admitting that i'm completely guilty of jipping myself and my family nutritionally. so i think we'd better start there, with brutal honesty. but i'd like to change that. i actually suspect that i'm not the only one. so i'll just begin by clearing the air and letting you know about my offenses in the kitchen. and then we'll start working on it.

*i'm a sugar fiend. and consequently, so is my four year old son, will. i crave it in a big way and have been known to whip up some cookies at 9pm out of desperation. of course, i share.

*i don't serve enough produce. at all.

*i serve carbs for breakfast. pancakes with syrup, muffins, toast, waffles and syrup, sugary cereal.

*i use entirely too much processed foods. i'll be honest and say that i know this is a bad thing, but i have no idea why. i know there's alot of salt in these frozen ready-to-eat meals, but i don't know so much about salt either.

*we don't always eat together or even the same thing.

*we rarely eat leftovers

*we eat full fat everything.

so with this blog i intend to minimize some of these habits (not eliminate. i have no intention of being that good or working that hard). i also hope to educate myself, and maybe you, about the pros and cons of how we eat.

so let's get started.

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