Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Tooth Sunday: Peanut Butter Fudge

This one was super easy and super sweet, just like I like it. I have had this recipe in a binder for over a year and finally got around to it. But what do ya know? It's right here on the World Wide Web. It has no redeeming qualities at all. It's only good for your soul, and that's important too.

This round is going to my dear friend, Jen, who has somehow slipped under my baking radar time and time again. But now she's in her third trimester and the girl could use some chocolate. It's coming, Jen!

Confession time: We had major sweets on Saturday. We went down to the Farmer's Market downtown and ate Quiche and French Macaroons for breakfast. I'm a recovering sugar addict, and so is my son, and the truth is that sometimes we fall off the wagon. We're new to caring. But I can't possibly regret the macaroons or the fudge. I'll try again next week.

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