Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How Bad is French Toast?

Brandon made french toast this morning. Super tasty, and I'm thinking it's a nutritional upgrade on our special morning breakfast. Let me clarify..."special" means not toast and not cereal. So the special breakfast is usually Krusteaz pancakes and syrup. So today it was french toast. It's not super healthy. We used white bread *gasp* and dusted it with a little powdered sugar. But I'm pretty sure the small amount of powdered sugar was way less than the syrup we usually use. There's some egg protein in there. And I added some sliced strawberries. I have to say that I believe that french toast has to be kind of healthy (or at least not that bad) because my friend Jorja makes it and she doesn't feed her kids crap. In fact she makes a bunch, freezes it, and nukes it for breakfast. She's so clever.

We just made straight up, no fuss, french toast, but I found this recipe for low fat pineapple french toast that looks promising. I think I'll try it sometime. I'll let you know how it goes

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  1. an easy way to fix french toast is to use 100% whole wheat bread and a mixture of egg whites, a splash of non-fat milk and cinnamon (no, i can't have that =( ). I actually use soak up one egg white per piece of bread - we use sugar free mrs butterworths syrup and voila - HEALTHY french toast =0) it's not quite as yummy as it's white bread (yum, white bread) counterpart, but it's a close second!!! =0)